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86.10 Disappointment

It didn't make any sense. )

Patient's Name: Ruby
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 288
Partner: Michael (fieldgeneralsir)

86.4. Cold.

One, two, three, four...Collapse )

Muse: Greg Pearson
Original character / Black Stone Rising
Word count: 803
Partner: NPC; Astrid blackstonerises
A/N: Come back, comm!


86.5- Discuss something your partner has given you.


LoveCollapse )


Patient: Aidan Janson
Fandom: Highlander OC

86.2 Overwhelm

Adult MaterialCollapse )

Astrid Kessler
Black Stone Rising
Partner: Charlie Crews (12yrs_life)
892 words


Muse: Adam Edwards
Fandom: Original
Word count: 168
Partner: Lucas Maxwell (nuevowings)
Prompt: 86.3

Is your partner difficult to shop for?

Insanely difficult. I mean, the kid is pretty much kind of rich, as it is; he can buy most of whatever he wants, whenever he makes up his mind what it is he wants. He's kind of tight-lipped about a lot of things, even with me, but gifts just . . . don't ever come up, unless he's asking me what I want for Christmas, or my birthday. I've known the kid for years, seriously, but you'd think Luc barely knew me and didn't want me thinking I need to get him things. I KNOW he likes presents, so that's just bullshit. I just never know what the hell to get him, when he won't really open his mouth and tell me what he likes. But nooo, he doesn't even HINT. It's kind of maddening, but I don't want to push or bitch about it, you know?

Maybe he thinks I'm a mind reader? I don't know.
The smell of fresh-baked apple pie flooded her senses completely, and for a moment, she seemed to be lost, in another time and place.

She could see herself, sitting in the Kent kitchen, at the table, laughing and smiling as her best friend handed her a plate with a slice of a hot apple pie he'd just pulled out of the oven.


Muse: Chloe Sullivan
Fandom: Smallville
Word Count: 231
Partner: Clark Kent (planetbound), The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)
This is potentially the most ridiculous question ever asked. My partner's family...god. My partner's family, you see, turns out to be my family. Or, no, not turns out to be, because...I knew it was a possibility when I started falling in love with him. I knew there was a chance...

And, no, before anyone asks, he and I are not related.Collapse )

Muse: Adam Monroe
Partner: Peter Petrelli (youngerpetrelli) - RP developed
Fandom: Heroes
Words: 920

86.1 Spirit

It wasn't hard for Sascha to tell when Greg was around. All he had to look for was that new brightness in her eyes.

There was something about the two of them and the way they moved around each other that was just unnatural. Enough to make him believe in soul-mates, though not in true love. The two concepts, he insisted, did not always go hand in hand. And he refused to believe that Gregory was his sister's true love. The man was an unrepentant liar and thief; he had no honor, and he even preferred it that way.

Maybe his draconic sensibilities were offended by that last part, more than any real sense of danger. Greg hadn't hurt her, had helped her on more than one occasion, at least. It was possible that he was just overreacting. She'd never get him to admit it, though, not in front of anyone.

It was the connection they had that irritated him the most, after years, then a century had passed and still Greg did nothing to hurt his big sister. After all that time it was hard to describe him as a serious threat, but he had still worked his way into Astrid's life so deeply that if anything were to happen between them, he didn't know if his sister would be the same. Terrifying thought. That someone, not of the family, not even of their species, could have such a hold over her. That someone else in their lives burned as brightly as a dragon.

Still he saw the way they looked at each other, talked, moved around each other even physically in the same room. The delicate way they took each other's actions and gestures and expressions into account without having to stop and think about it. The way they resonated, and the care they took anyway. Even if they never saw each other again he had the feeling her spirit would seek out his, like some sort of creature of legend, the kind who got placed up in the sky to eternally be chased or chase her lover. He didn't like that thought. He didn't like the idea of them even approaching being lovers.

But it was hard to ignore the brightness in her eyes.

Astrid Kessler
Black Stone Rising
Partner: Greg (looklikeanangel)
380 words

couples_therapy Week 86: Overwhelm

Muse: John Kramer AKA Jigsaw
Fandom: Saw
Partners: Amanda Young (amanda_young) and Zep Hindle (itstherules) (Roleplay)

Love is too small a word sometimes for the adoration I feel.

My beautiful lovers, my wife and my husband – sometimes I am overwhelmed with how much I worship them. They are so tender and faithful, both devoted apprentices and passionate lovers.

My Amanda and my Zep. They are everything to me, and always will be. My darling ones are precious beyond words. Without them I would be nothing; my life’s work is teaching others about gratitude and appreciation of what they have, and it is they who reinforce that lesson for me every single day.

When we make love, all three of us together, we touch something that can only be called divine. I feel truly blessed when I am wrapped in their arms and we hold each other close. They have made me believe in angels, for they are truly angelic to me.

Ours is a marriage consecrated in both body and soul.
Dan couldn’t help chuckling at the small furry creature that mewed and purred and nuzzled at him.

“I… don’t know what to say, Herbert. She’s so adorable, thank you…”

Herbert West watched intently, obviously struggling to contain his distaste – he had proven, in his encounters with Dan’s late lamented pet Rufus, that he didn’t care much for animals.

“Just make sure it doesn’t get in the way of any of my – our – experiments, Dan. Our work is far too important to be interrupted by a pet.”

Dan’s brow creased, and he started to say something, before checking himself. Yes, Herbert’s social skills were not the most advanced, but the man had done something incredibly generous for Dan. Herbert had procured a new kitten for him, even though he would probably prefer to be unencumbered by the little one and the many demands she would no doubt have in her smallness and helplessness.

Even though Herbert had trouble admitting it, this was a sure sign that he loved Dan.

Muse: Dan Cain
Partner: Herbert West (thecurefordeath) – Roleplay
Fandom: Re-Animator
Words: 168


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