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Couples Therapy

A Relationship-Centric Prompt Community for Patients In Need of Counselling

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All Members
This is a community for muses ("patients") in which all prompts are relationship based. Any member may use any pairing at any time and is never limited to talking strictly about the one they're currently in. Hell, if they're not currently in one, joining while they're single might help them in future, right? The goal behind this community is to help muses enhance their relationships past, present, and future.

A little therapy never hurt anyone.


1. Conduct. By applying to join this community you are agreeing to respect all of its present and future members. Play nice, or risk being banned. Couples Therapy is meant to be fun, and I refuse to let anyone ruin it for the rest of us. As the mod, I reserve the right to reject an application for any reason I see fit and will make decisions based on what is good for the community as a whole.

2. Participation. All patients are expected to 'attend' couples therapy as often as they are able. You will also have to make a tag to use in the community with your patient's name and fandom. All members have access to make and edit a tag. When applying to Couples Therapy, please leave a comment, click to join, and then wait for access.

3. Activity. Responses can be whatever length a patient feels is adequate, and RP counts for participation. There will be activity checks about every six months, at which point your patient may be removed if they haven't posted in that time. I don't want to remove anyone who wants to be here, and will only clean out those who are months behind. If your patient's appointment is still available after a period of 30 days, you may reapply for it.

Please use the waiting room to make introductions, discuss problems, and get to know the other muses in the community. It is there for the members to use and abuse, and now has open membership so that all members of Couples Therapy may join the Waiting Room immediately.

4. Exclusivity. Only one of each canon character is allowed. OCs are welcome. A waiting list is in place should a wanted patient decide to leave therapy, if you apply for a taken patient you will be asked if you'd like to be on it, or you can ask for it yourself.

5. Partners. If you are referring to a relationship with an RP partner on livejournal, put their username under the partner heading or closing. If you're referring to a canon pairing, put the character name along with the word (canon) next to it. If you're writing your patient with an AU pairing that has no basis in rp, put the partner patient's name, fandom, and state that it is AU. This is so that we don't have patients who feel that their character is being written about without their consent. Writing about another patient without their consent is forbidden. Confused? Follow the examples here.

6. Patience. If you apply for a patient and don't receive access to the community after two weeks, its fine to inquire again or email a reminder. Sometimes we just fall behind.

7. Contact. If you have any other concerns, comments, or questions, shoot an email to couplestherapymod[at]gmail[dot]com

8. Prompting. Usually 4-5 new prompts will be posted each week. A suggestion post can be found here.

9. Insanity. Yes, the mod journal is in fact a character journal. We needed some therapists, didn't we? I'll go OOC when I have to, but for the most part, Lawrence and Lola make the rules. You are at their mercy.

10. Demand. Have fun!




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